Our objective is to help our clients enjoy the full potential of their wealth.

Ausperity Private Wealth is an independent wealth management firm committed to helping individuals and families better manage their finances through careful planning that gives them the confidence to make smarter, more informed decisions.

Working with clients across age ranges, we have a particular focus on helping both pre-retirees eager to make the most of the next phase of their life, and high-income millennials with decades of financial goals ahead of them. In each case, we focus on applying tax-minimization strategies to ensure our clients are able to optimize everything their prosperity can offer.

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As a young team of experienced advisors, we bring an energetic and enthusiastic approach to every client relationship – backed by an accountability that underscores our integrity and transparency.


When you choose us as your advisor, we become your personal team of advisors, committed to adding value through dynamic financial planning and goals-based investment management.

& reliability

You will find us to be trustworthy and reliable, and our approach to be innovative and efficient. We never lose sight of what you’re looking to accomplish – with your wealth – and in your life.

Meaning of our name

At Ausperity Private Wealth, we feel very fortunate to be doing what we love: guiding our clients and making an impact on their lives.

Our unique name, Ausperity, combines the words auspice and prosperity. Auspice refers to “giving guidance and support” while prosperity means “financial success” from the Latin for “good fortune, fortunate.”


giving guidance & support


financial success

Who We Serve


Many of our clients are executives and corporate insiders, and we are well-versed in the distinctive compensation issues they face.


We also work with business owners and entrepreneurs – and as independent business owners ourselves, we have insight and understanding about their drive as well as their responsibilities.


We specialize in pre-retirement and retirement challenges faced by Baby Boomers and have deep experience in managing tax-smart strategies to help them preserve their wealth. This often includes ways to minimize the tax impact of large Required Minimum Distributions.


As our team members are all under age 40, we align with high-income millennials to help them envision and build plans to pursue a lasting financial future.

Tying together all of the ways we help our clients, we work with multigenerational families, focused on wealth preservation, education and transition over time. The financial plans we build are not only for our clients, but for their parents and their children or other loved ones.

We offer thoughtful in-depth financial planning and plan-driven investment strategies designed to help our clients grow and protect their wealth through asset management, retirement planning, wealth transfer, strategic philanthropy, and tax and estate planning. Because the safety of our clients’ assets are of paramount importance, we have selected Fidelity as our preferred custodian. Fidelity helps more than 32 million people invest their own life savings, 22,000 businesses manage employee benefit programs, as well as providing more than 13,500 institutions with investment and technology solutions to invest their own clients’ money.

We take a highly organized approach to helping our clients manage their wealth. With frequent communications and semi-annual reviews of their financial plans, we stay in touch and stay on top of changes in their lives. We are available to help them on every financial decision that impacts their day-to-day lifestyle as well as their long-term goals. We look to help them celebrate their prosperity and show them how to achieve its full potential.

Ausperity Private Wealth is a partner firm of Sanctuary Wealth, an advanced platform for elite independent advisors. Sanctuary provides all-encompassing operational and technological support in an ecosystem of partnered independence. Through Sanctuary, Ausperity is able to access an array of proprietary and non-proprietary investment vehicles and unbiased options, including unique opportunities available only through the Sanctuary Wealth network of partner firms.